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Vibro Ripper

The Vibro Ripper is a revolutionary new excavator attachment that breaks rocks, stone, asphalt and concrete. This new approach to breaking is much quicker and quieter than existing hydraulic hammer technology.
Higher production
The impact-vibration technology and longer reach rip material faster than conventional hydraulic rock breakers
Minimum noise
The Ripper does not hammer, it uses a method of impact and vibration eliminating the hard rock-hammer sound
Works in any environment
Underwater, in snow, ice or other harsh conditions make no difference to the ripper

Other Attachments


In additoin to TransUrban's revolutionary new rock removal excavator attachments, we also have the following available:
These versatile buckets have a variety of applications from drain cleaning to recycling, waste removal and general cleanup. Expensive dumping fees can often be reduced and valuable fill / topsoil left on site.
Different bucket designs are used depending on the application to get the best possible production per hour.
From demolition and recycling work to building rock walls or
handling logs or mulch.
Do a better job faster, and more economically. Allowing one in one batters or 90 degree V drains to be formed simply by adjusting the angle of the bucket.
An auger used for digging post holes and to dig holes for deep foundation piles. Another use is for piles forming a piling retaining wall, which can be constructed in the same way as foundation piles.

Diamond Blade Rock Saw


We have diamond blade rock saws available on excavators ranging from 5 to 30 ton that are able to produce very high cutting speeds and saw through hard rock and concrete with minimal effort and dust.
The diamond saws can cut vertically and horizontally with complete accuracy.
Using the diamond saw enables projects such as cutting trenches, footings and sawing into solid rock walls to be done quickly and accurately.
Saws in conjunction with dozers and large excavators can achieve a bulk excavation with detailed sawn walls which eliminate the non productive trimming of walls with hydraulic hammers.


Rock saws and grinders play a large part in rock detail and non – vibration earthworks as it eliminates the vibration from hammers to adjoining properties . By utilizing saws and grinders for detail we can achieve precision excavation without the blow out of rock and concrete.

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