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Bulk & Detailed Excavation

Detailed Excavation including:

  • Stormwater drainage works

  • Water Tanks

  • Installation of various  underground services and pits (Australian Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) accredited operators)

  • Footings and slabs for commercial & domestic buildings and structures 

  • Swimming Pools

  • Landscaping


Bulk excavation including:

  • Site Cuts (Domestic & Commercial)

  • Swimming Pools / Dams

  • Landscaping

  • Playing Fields / Sports Grounds

Basement Excavation



With space at a premium and soaring house prices, the demand for basement excavation is ever increasing.


Basement excavation and underpinnings is one of the most technically complex construction techniques to execute because, done wrong, it can literally bring the house down. So it’s wise to do it right and hire a qualified, experienced contractor with the relevant insurance coverage.


The key to successful construction of any basement project is planning.

Rock Excavation



As technology is speeding up, there are new innovations in the field of rock excavation to quietly, quickly and effectively excavate all types of hard rock without using any blasting methods.
In metropolitan areas in particular, the whole construction industry is depending upon these innovative methods of rock breaking where rock blasting is strictly prohibited.
At TransUrban Excavations we practice, update  and adopte all new ideas, technologies and innovations available in the rock excavation  industry to develop ourselves as leaders in the industry and render the best services to our  clients.
Presently we are using the new Vibro Ripper and Austramac Diamond Rock Saw for hard rock excavation.

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